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The Sunflower Anthology

Published December 1969

A concept album by the Irish punk poet. The concept: Continuing the story of Syrus from "A Farewell To Kings." A space explorer has been drawn into a black hole (Syrus X-1), only to find himself in a mysterious land full of sunflower people, where its rival inhabitants are engaged in civil war. The only outcome can be withering, destruction and death. For more recordings go to: or


Reviewer: Sarky - - September 17, 2012
Subject: Sunflower Anthology Vol II and III
Anthology II: The Sunflower Man returns in another epic adventure. Shocked, demoralized and bowed after defeat in battle at Syrus X -1, the Sunflower Man vows to return to his native planet to avenge the destruction of his people. Though he has been exiled he is no longer alone. The next time he returns he will fight with the might and assistance of his new mentor, teacher and poet. This time the odds will be tipped in the balance of our esteemed hero, Sunflower Man. This time he will be meeting his enemy on more equal footing. He will be fitter, better trained and armed with the mighty, uncompromising ally of Razzle Dazzle Basil. The duo will travel via the 9 moons of Abysthecausas on chariots made of titanium. They will meet the enemy head on at the cosmic crossroads of Syrus X - 4. (Volume III - Nov 2012) Who is Basil? Where does he come from? What makes him so special? Find out more on the new musical adventure from The Sunflower Man. This Volume (II) is available exclusively on for a limited period from Sept 20th
Reviewer: Folk music magazine - - September 1, 2012
Subject: A listener's homage
It is rare these days to chance upon a musical work that, at the very first turn, blows your mind apart. Shane Treacy and the Sunflower Men’s “The Sunflower Anthology” offers the music fan such a lucky experience. Anyone tired of common, banal sounds, and a thousand dull, commercial CDs, should not hesitate to follow these brave Sunflower men, as they drift across their secret, trippy world, as they sail on their dark and astral seas: it is a pleasure, an unknown pleasure to join them on their merry way.
The sonorous and verbal landscape of the album captures us from the outset - here we are entering a new creative world, all alive and calling out. It is one that borrows musically, with immense respect and tact, from the sounds of decades gone by - hints of Pink Floyd, the Grateful Dead, Dylan and John Lennon float in the heady mix. Inspired by echoes of these ghosts, the Sunflower Men catapult us into the far, shady realms of outer space, where everything is new and reborn, where explorations of the inner psyche and outer human manifestations, in space and time, are scattered and blended into timeless songs of child-like mystery and innocence. Innocent songs they might seem to be: sometimes tinged with regret and loss, sometimes infused with joy and peace, sometimes echoing immensities of pain and darkness.
As the Sunflower Men plough across the astral fields, they take no prisoners, they have little pity for us mortals, they throw up echoes and shadows of our former selves, our feelings and innermost compulsions which we thought had been lost forever but which were, in fact, hovering on the surface pools of our minds, ready, at the blow of a strange wind, to be resurrected. We meet our existential ghosts again; we are no longer at home, in a safely cabled domestic world; we are out, far out there, in the ultra-reaches of outer space, a space that is also inner space, where atoms and universes of emotion commingle.
But make no mistake about it, there is a crux, a challenge for us in this CD; it is one which we cannot avoid. It is a severe call to order - be prepared. How can we tolerate the slipping away of time, and the fatal decisions we have made, the paths we have taken in the common course of reality, when confronted with the heat of a distant sun, when watched upon, from on high, by a cold-eyed, high-spirited mocker of human effort - the Sunflower King? Do we bend or do we choose amnesia? The Sunflower King vaunts, and urges us to choose: “me on my ship of fools - you with your book of rules” he sings. Do we join with him on his scary, limitless venture, or do we sit back in the grey shadows of lost outer space, in the black holes of time and selective memory?
If we follow the Sunflower King, we will enter a chosen realm of giant yellow sunflowers, of towering  endless suns and magic, of harmonies unheard-of and of days gay and blameless - days which drift along in paradisiacal idleness and contentment. But, here is the catch: it is a land of the rootless, and ruthlessly forlorn, where the Sunflower King lives through lonely futures, with his best friend, the Fool on the Hill, on far-off unknown and unknowable planets. All here is utterly beyond human concern. What should we do? Do we hold back, hesitate, take pity on ourselves, try to take stock, be terrestrial and glue-stuck to the earth? Do we reject the trip that promises all, but cannot explain the crucial consequences of the deal? “Now it’s time to say goodbye... don’t know why” are the haunting final words of the Sunflower King. Do not ask him too many questions, he cannot answer them; he refuses concessions, commissions, and only asks that life be unbearably light and sweetness, all together now. He is the lost sun of Van Gogh, the Prodigal grandson of the prototypical madman. “You never knew me at all” he taunts us, with his sinister voice echoing across the empty seas of astral rubble, the dust that remains after the civil wars of reality and time have  been fought, and haplessly won or lost...
In all, “The Sunflower Anthology” is a remarkable CD; we feel honoured to have come across it, it constitutes a real find. Let every music fan read it as he will, once he has entered the Sunflower domain, there are no limits, no obligations. To each his own take on this astral-inspired and inspiring work. It is a strange and unknown treasure, lying at the bottom of the murky sea of contemporary rock music. The careful listener will not remain indifferent.  
Reviewer: Roy Rogers 15150 - - September 1, 2012
Subject: sunflower man calling
hi flower boppers its the sunflower man here.glad you like my album.You can find some of my french songs on you tube at SHANE TREACY ROCK N ROLL STAR with silly photographs of me and email me at have recorded over 100 albums and will be uploading more songs to various sites soon.stay tuned and watch this space and thanks for all your comments.
Reviewer: fatty4004 - - August 31, 2012
Subject: Any gigs
Is this band available to play bars in ny?
Reviewer: ONeilllC - - August 30, 2012
Subject: Five star song writing
I really enjoyed listening to The Sunflower Anthology. The song writing is fantastic. The Ballad of Orsen Welles was particularly interesting. Looking forward to listening to some more of his songs.
Reviewer: MonaM - - August 29, 2012
Subject: Hi praise
A real gem. Great talent in this artist. Looking forward to the next installment.
Reviewer: Lucy leave 896 - - August 27, 2012
Subject: Bob weir
This is bob weir from the grateful dead singing with a few guys about strange happenings in 'sunflower land'. It has being doing the rounds for quite a while under different titles. I saw on a blog that it is the 'kitchens of distinction' on the tracks but that is rubbish. Weir has distanced himself from the recording but it remains an interesting piece in the ' dead' musical jigsaw. Musically flawed - no wonder he refutes its existence- but words of a craftsman. Pity nothing more was made of the songs.
Reviewer: Johnny last - - June 13, 2012
Subject: Excellent songwriting
Love some of the tracks on this anthology but find it difficult to put them in the folk genre. Any live material out there?
Reviewer: Eddie Cochran - - June 13, 2012
Subject: Sunflower concerts
This band usually plays the festival in Germany during the summer. The band is around a few years now. This is their best work to date getting into the charts in Spain and Greece.
Reviewer: mambo magnolia - - March 6, 2012
Subject: Incredible 1970s folk punk
This is a real find. I 'googled' the band but could find little else on these guys. I think they are from Iceland from one blog. Anyway I hope they get a guitar player and gig NY soon.
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